U.S. Oil Boom Podcast Episode 5: How to Buy an Oil Well

oil-boom-bannerIn this interview, I discuss how I am purchasing a share in an oil well drilling investment, and how you could do one of these oil well investments yourself.

Topics I cover:

  • How I am buying an oil well drilling share with a self-directed IRA
  • How to make sure that you get the right experience for one of these investments
  • I discuss the company I am using for my investment, Fossil Oil
  • Tax benefits for such an investment in an oil well

Stream the podcast here:

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U.S. Oil Boom Podcast Episode 2: Interview with Executive Recruiter John McAfee

oil boom podcastJohn specializes in placing candidates into positions in the oil and gas industry, especially in businesses cashing in on the US oil boom.

In the interview, John and I discuss how to use an executive recruiter, how to sell yourself, where the best opportunities are, and how to “beef up” your LinkedIn profile.

If you listen to the interview for nothing else other than improving your LinkedIn profile, you will benefit.

Listen here:

Download mp3 here…

How to contact John McAfee:

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmcafee

E-mail: John[at]MACrecruiters.com

Website for MAC Executive Recruiters:  http://macrecruiters.com/

U.S. Oil Boom Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Bob Van der Valk

oil boom podcastBob became an expert by working at different layers of the oil industry throughout his career.  He has owned gas stations, and currently serves as an independent consultant and editor of the Bakken Oil Business Journal.

Bob covers some fascinating ground on the U.S. shale oil boom, including:

  • Where the oil boom is headed next (hint: Monterrey shale play in Cali)
  • What fuel prices will do in the last quarter or 2013
  • The future of natural gas
  • What entrepreneurs and those ambitious souls can do to get into the U.S. oil boom and make their fortune

Here is the link to get to the podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/u.s.-oil-boom-podcast/id721130884

Listen to the podcast right here:

Download the podcast mp3 by right-clicking and saving this link.

Bob can be reached by e-mail at editor[at]bakkenoilbiz.com, and the Bakken Oil Business Journal can be found here:  http://bakkenoilbiz.com

How to get your CDL and get oil boom paychecks

oilfield truck driving jobs CDLEpisode 3 of the U.S. Oil Boom Podcast features an outstanding interview with Kirk Wallace.

Kirk holds a CDL and is a crude oil hauler based out of Oklahoma.

Kirk says that he only drove an SUV prior to truck driving school, and he had some serious questions as to whether or not he could drive  a big rig.

In this great interview, Kirk and I discuss the following:

  • How to select the CDL and truck driving school that is right for you
  • How much truck driving school costs
  • High paying job options for CDL holders other than truck driving
  • The advantages and disadvantages to owning your own truck while hauling in the oil boom locations
  • Step by step what you need to do to get a high paying oilfield job fast
  • What a day in the life of an oil boom crude oil hauler is like
  • Much more valuable information

If you have ever considered working to get your CDL, but have had doubts, you really need to listen to this interview.

Kirk shows you that you can really do it, and explains exactly how to turn your investment in truck driving school and a CDL into a high paying job, and eventually perhaps a business as an owner of 1 or more trucks.

Download the Episode 3 interview here…

Kirk’s website discussed during the interview is here: CDLOilfieldInfo.com